Moby Dick

Truffles is supposed to be THE place for Burgers in Bangalore. It is a well known fact that the place is more crowded than Kolkata during Durga Pooja and I had the audacity to believe that I can get a place on a Sunday evening. After facing rejection yet again.. I think I should get used to it by now. Restaurants, Boys, life..It’s all the same.  Dejected, I walked on that Truffles road with a friend looking for another restaurant, (because we have needs) when we came across Moby Dick. I was not very interested in the beginning because I wanted Truffles. What izz this, moby dick? I did not particularly like getting food poisoning but my friend managed to convince me to try this place.

I was still not very impressed because bruh, Truffles. The place was quite simplistic with well spaced out tables. I love well spaced out tables because tables which are too close to each other makes me feel like I am eavesdropping and that makes me guilty and then I can’t eat and then I die a miserable death. So the whole point is, well spaced out tables. We had to wait for a couple of minutes for our table but this was  nothing compared to the waiting time at Truffles. The menu had the usual stuff. Nothing which really stood out.

Then the food arrived and I was Mind Blown

Truffles? What is Truffles? This place is amaaaazing.

It started with their complimentary bread baskets which had breads of different different sizes, shapes and textures. I just made a dirty joke about bread. This is getting depressing. Coming back to the bread, It was quite decent. Like how bread is supposed to be. The long stick type thingie reminded me of my childhood.


Yummy yumm yum. My Indiana Jones level google research skills told me that their Garlic Bread is pretty nice so we wanted to try that. We tried the Cheese Garlic Bread and It was like a pizza. Garlic Bread and pizza combined? My ultimate fantasy. Not really but its pretty close.

garlic bread.PNG

Honestly, It was not that great but maybe I had high expectations. Garlic bread and pizza. Come on, who wouldn’t.

Anyway, after that initial disappointment, We moved on to the real deal.  My friend ordered their signature Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich because you wouldn’t call something your signature dish if you weren’t damn sure that it was amazing. Was it amazing? Yes. It was a perfect combination of Mushroom and Cheese on grilled bread that made its home in your heart. It’s the kind of sandwich you eat when you just want to hide under your blankie and eat comfort food.IMG_20170122_211516324.jpg

I had the Jerk Chicken Burger because chickens are jerks. Okay, that was a lame attempt at being funny but whatever the food was nice. It is pretty close to one of the best burgers I have had and loved the fact that instead on the normal ketchup, I had a variety of sauces to choose from for infinite number of times.


The food was pretty impressive but what made me rave about this place like a mad man or woman in this case, was their dessert.


Choco-Caramel Mudpie.I didn’t know that my random selection would bring me such happiness. It was so rich and chocolately that you just can’t stop digging in. I know that I haven’t tried even half the things on there but I’ll be back for more baby, as long as you can roll me out of the door once I am done.


Ambiance: 3.5/5 ( I think they can improve the ambiance a bit by putting some pics on the wall or something. 3.5 is for the tables and for playing my favourite songs)

Menu: 3.5/5 (Limited menu with very little variety but that’s okay, if the food is good, who cares)

Service:4/5( Nice people who are happy to help and are open to feedback)

Food:4/5( Good, yummy food that makes your tummy happy)

Value for Money:4/5(You feel like you are your money’s worth and more)









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