Mighty Small- The Carnival Way

Smaaash is a immersive and interactive entertainment center that marries Sports, Virtual Reality, Music and Dining to provide the perfect experience for young adults, families and corporate professionals. Smaaash is located in the heart of Bangalore’s popular 1 MG- Lido mall.  They also have ‘Mighty Small’, a carnival themed restaurant that becomes the perfect pit stop for people who want a break while playing all the cool games.

They have some really great VR games but the most popular one is Smaaash cricket. This game makes you feel like you are in an actual cricket stadium, the audience are your friends and the world’s best bowlers are in front of you. You get to bat in real time, face your favourite bowler and have your best friends cheer you. How cool is that? The experience of looking at the international bowler in the eye and batting is surreal. This game is very popular and is almost always pre-booked throughout the day.  Another amazing VR game is the finger coaster. You can design roller coasters by using their fingers. Wow. It will definitely have you sitting at the edge of your seat.  I also tried Flymax and the Magic Carpet. Both the games are extremely realistic and I actually found myself holding my breath.

Art Attack was my favourite game. So, they basically put you in a box and give you two guns to kill the bad guys.  Cool enough? I got so immersed in that VR game that I completely forgot where I was. I was super impressed by it even though I made a complete fool out of myself. The game is even portable. Wow.

Mighty Small is located above Smaaash and it was something very different from what I expected. The restaurant’s carnival theme was created by Virat Kohli and the corner tables have a beautiful view. It is a delight to be there during the evenings with its beautiful lights and music. The restaurant is a combination of good food, music, dance and sports. They have a pretty simple menu that will make your tummy happy when you are taking a break from all the games.

As I munched on their juicy and succulent chicken wings, I cursed myself for missing out on this place. Their sticky, barbeque sauce was so ‘on point’ that I couldn’t stop myself from awkwardly licking my fingers.


The next item on my ‘Tumgenda’ (Tummy’s agenda, get it? get it?) was the smoky bean and cheese quesadillas. I was quite apprehensive about this as I don’t generally eat things I can’t pronounce. It definitely managed to turn a non quesadilla lover to a ‘Oh my god. This is aweosome’ quesadilla lover. The sour cream and salsa sauce were perfect companions to this dish.


Next, I decided to eat what the food of my food eats and tried the cheese cucumber boat salad. It sounds weird, I know,  cheese on a cucumber just doesn’t sound right but trust me, it was the bestest weird thing I have ever tried.


I have saved the best for the last, their tandoori chicken was the BOMB. It was perfectly marinated and so juicy. There was an explosion in my mouth. I would go all the way back there, just for this. The tandoori chicken is the underdog. It really wouldn’t be on top of your ‘let’s try’ list but when you actually try it, Amaaaaazing.


I was just overwhelmed by all this amazing food and what is the best way to end this meal? Strawberry Milkshake.

Actually, calling it a strawberry milkshake would be an understatement. It was a monster shake, almost as tall as a tiny human being. I would be proud of anybody who can manage to finish the entire drink. The drink was pretty lovely, the strawberry was not too overwhelming and the whipped cream was the perfect finishing touch. I would have loved for it to be a little bit more thicker though.


Overall, I believe that it is the combination of Smaaash and Mighty Small that makes the experience surreal. It is the best place for some fun games and good food.  They have amazing offers like ‘Beer for 49’ and ‘Nacho Mountain’, and competitions were nobody loses-Only beer wins. I highly recommend that go there for your next corporate outing or just grab some of your fun loving, beer loving friends and challenge them to a game of Cricket.

Ambiance: 4/5 (Can tend to get crowded but is beautiful at the right moments)

Menu: 3.5/5 (Simple. To the point. Delicious)

Service: 4/5 (Lovely staff who know their food)

Food: 4/5( The food was actually just 3.5 but the extra points for their amazing offers)

Value for Money: 4/5 (Totally worth every penny)




































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