Fiery steak through my heart

Zomato is the Chanakya to my Chandragupta Maurya. I trust Zomato with all my food choices and when a restaurant has a 4.7 rating on Zomato, I HAVE to try it.  I had heard about Once upon a flame before. A friend once told me that their steaks are to die for, well, he didn’t really die so I didn’t think too much about it. One uneventful day, I was entrusted with the important task of finding food around HSR Layout. It is really an important task guys. In the primitive days, the most bravest, ‘awesomest’ caveman/woman had to forage for food. So, while I was foraging on Zomato, my eyes zeroed in on a familiar name. Once upon a flame. The restaurant had amazing reviews and had a Zomato rating of 4.7. I was intrigued. I decided to get into the food version of Ghostbusters  and actually check the place place. To see if it was worthy a 4.7 on Zomato.

I entered the restaurant at 7 on a Monday. I knew it was a weekday but I figured that there would at least a few people, considering how popular it was. The restaurant was empty. There was not a single soul I could ravish on. Yes, sometimes, no, most times I am creepy like that. Usually, it would have been a huge red signal but I love quiet places so I was internally screaming, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

The service staff was quite friendly and we studied the tables together to understand the angle of the AC to get the optimal table. I had my perfect table. I had my perfect companion. Now, I was ready to dig in.

The menu didn’t really surprise me. The restaurant really did scream Steaks and Burgers. I loved some of their menu names- Steakalypse Now, The Big Steak Theory, Steak My Breath Away etc. Hilarious.

We started our meal with a refreshing Peach Ice Tea. It is the perfect drink for a tired traveller/shopper roaming around the streets of HSR Layout. It is refreshing, light, peachy and you can just feel your body relaxing while gulping or sipping on it like an adult.

peach ice tea.PNG

We started with a Mixed Herb-Cheese-Garlic Bread. Just look how long the name is. Most of the time, restaurants screw up the garlic bread by either adding too much  or too less garlic, or the bread will be soggy or it would have been toasted a bit too much. Good garlic bread is a rare find. This  garlic bread was one of the best I have ever had in the 24 years of my existence. I could keep stuffing my face with it for all of eternity. I ended up licking the plate while the service staff looked awkwardly.

Garlic bread.PNG

I had a difficult time ordering. What do you order in a place that has amazing Steaks and Burgers.  I can’t possibly eat both. I could try but I really didn’t want to. It was like Sophie’s choice. After the garlic bread, my expectations were sky high. I ended up cheating on my burger and ordered a proper steak.   I ordered a ‘Treasure Chest’ which was basically some really juicy chicken breast with cheese slices and chilli garlic sauce. I ate like I just found treasure. Pirate of the chicken, people.


The steak was perfectly cooked with the cheese slices and chilli garlic sauce making it taste exactly how I wanted it.  The spicy rice and mashed potatos are worth mentioning too. It was a whole meal of it’s own and I was a very happy person by the end of it.

My lovely companion had a Grilled Shrimp Burger and it didn’t disappoint. There were actual shrimps in the burger, not some sad patty version of it. The potato wedges were just perfect, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside. The burger was spicy and cheesy all at the same time and It was the first time I had a shrimp burger so every bite was like wow, this is, I need to have some more…Let’s just say that my friend didn’t have much burger left when I gave it back to her, after she asked me to ‘take a bite’.


We were not done yet. Gluttony is one of my sins. We had to take a break to loosen our pants and just stretch a little bit. Then comes dessert. Their Caramel Custard was okay. If I had to rate the restaurant just on the basis of their dessert, it wouldn’t be very good but I enjoyed the food so much that I didn’t waste much time thinking about the dessert.


Photo courtesy: Zomato


I really like it when owners come up to the customers and ask them about their meal. It shows that they care. Our meal ended with a much needed digestive drink. It was weird but then again I think their top priority was digestion not taste.  I think Once Upon a Flame is going to be on the top of my mind whenever  I think of good steaks in Bangalore. I think, if a restaurant can get its customers to think of them whenever they think of a particular food item, then they have done their job. I am definitely traveling to HSR Layout to get my hands on some more steaks.

Ambiance: 4/5(Quiet, peaceful, homely)

Menu: 3.5/5( Their menu was quite good but I am used to seeing so many creative menus that it wouldn’t be fair if I give them a higher rating)

Service: 3.5/5 (The service staff was a little zoned out in the beginning but were fast and friendly once service actually started)

Food: 4.5/5 (It was just that damn good. OUAF, you deserve it)

Value for Money: 4/5 (It is not exactly what you would call pocket friendly but the food is worth it.)



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